Diastasis recti Pregnancy

What is diastasis recti during pregnancy?

February 27, 2019


What is diastasis recti during pregnancy?

When the uterus is growing during the pregnancy it puts pressure on the two bands of abdominal muscles that meet in the middle of the stomach. For two-thirds of all pregnancies a separation between these two abdominal bands occur. That condition is known as diastasis recti. This normally happens during the second or third trimester.

Diastasis recti might make it harder for you to maintain a stable core. An unstable core often leads to tired and sore lower back muscles as they are trying to compensate for the lack of abdominal stability.

A sign of diastasis recti is sometimes shown as a ridge along the stomach. This ridge is especially prone to pout when pressure is added to the abdomen (such as when doing crunches etc.). When it’s pouting your inner abdominal muscles aren’t activated properly and you’re lacking core stability and also adding force to the separation. Therefore it’s good to make changes in your ab-training schedule to make sure you aren’t amplifying the diastasis recti nor imbalances in your body such as an overcompensating lower back. A good rule of thumb is to keep an eye out for this ridge and avoid the exercises where you notice it.

It’s important to know though that diastasis recti is rarely anything dangerous. It’s a natural stage of the pregnancy. If you do the right ab-exercises during pregnancy you can actually get rid off or prevent lower back pain and other aches and discomforts. A strong core is a key to maintain a good posture during the pregnancy and a good posture is beneficial for you in every way.

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Disclaimer: Always consult with your doctor to get an “all clear” to start exercising.

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