A Healthy Pregnancy Diet – What to eat

In order for the baby in your stomach to grow and develop, you need more nutrition than normally. You need more vitamins and minerals, but not many more calories. The best way to get enough nutrition is through eating good and nutritious food. Different kinds of foods contain different nutrients – protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. Therefore you should strive to have a varied pregnancy diet.

Maternity Food
  • Try to eat at least 500g of fruit and vegetables every day, for example two portions of vegetables and three fruits.
  • You should also aim to eat Omega 3 rich fish 2-3 times a week. I would recommend salmon, mackerel and herring. Eating fish will dramatically improve your levels of omega 3-fatty acids (DHA) which is highly beneficial for you. If you never eat fish you should consult your midwife.
  • For a healthy pregnancy it is important to get enough vitamins and minerals. I recommend light milk, natural light sour milk or natural light yogurt (about 5 dl per day). During your pregnancy it is extra important to eat food that contain vitamin D, omega 3-acids, folat and iron. Milk and milk products are often enriched with vitamin D.
  • To get enough protein during your pregnancy, beans, lentils, peas, eggs, chicken or meat are good options. Make sure to eat some of above mentioned every day.
  • In terms of carbohydrates, potatoes, bread, rice, pasta or bulgur are good alternatives. Pick full grain variants above others when possible.
  • Drink water to your food and when you are thirsty.

The pregnancy diet’s extras’

In average, this much extra food per day is needed during your pregnancy:

Month 1-3: A fruit (on top of the recommendations above)

Month 4-6: A snack and a fruit

Month 7-9: Two medium snacks and one fruit  

Examples of good snacks for pregnant women are yoghurt or sour milk, muesli and fruit, a rye sandwich with liver paste and cucumber, a glass of milk and some fruit.  In order to not gain too much weight but still get enough nutrition, it’s important to choose good and nutritious food. Avoid soda, candy, ice cream, cakes and snacks. While these items do provide you and your child with some nutrition, the unnecessary calories and sugar will do more harm than good. You can also reduce your sweet tooth and cravings, your fatigue and your sickness by eating regularly. Eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. The body is engineered to respond well to routines, and having routines will also make it easier to eat just enough.

Sophie Wikström
Author: Sophie Wikström

... - Headcoach & personal Trainer https://trueworkout.se/stad/ostermalm/ - Bachelor in sport science - Cert. Eleiko personal trainer

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Sophie Wikströmhttp://www.trueworkout.se
... - Headcoach & personal Trainer https://trueworkout.se/stad/ostermalm/ - Bachelor in sport science - Cert. Eleiko personal trainer

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