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Top 5 exercises after delivery3 min read

February 4, 2019 3 min read

Top 5 exercises after delivery3 min read

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When you start exercising again it’s important to do so gradually and be very mindful of how it feels, taking great care not to be pushing any limits. Make sure your training schedule for the first 8 weeks after delivery is helping your body recover and is not putting any extra strain on your body. Exercises that help your body recover are walks, kegel exercises (pelvic floor muscles exercises) and mobility exercises. Note that you always should consult with your doctor to get an “all clear” to start exercising.


If your body approves you should make sure to take at least one walk a day

  • Minimum 30 minutes

Kegel exercise

  • Lie down and relax completely
  • Activate your pelvic floor muscles (the feeling of stopping urination midstream).
  • Activate your inner abdominals and hold the position (hollow out your belly and draw your belly button in toward your spine).

Kegel exercise, hold 10 seconds / 5sets

  • Lie on your side and relax completely, let your belly rest on the floor
  • Activate your pelvic floor muscles and your inner abdominals. If you are doing it right – you should see your belly activating.


Hovers, 3 rounds (1: 50% of max, 2: 75 % of max, 3: 100%). This mobility exercise will help you with your posture and activate your shoulders and scapula.

Note that it’s important that you do the exercise slowly, imagine that you are cutting through dense foam.

Round 1, 50% of max.

  • Place your hands behind your head.
  • Extend your hands to the side, when your arms are straight, turn your thumbs down towards the ground.
  • Bend your elbows and move your hands to your lumbar.
  • Move back up to the starting position by reversing the movement pattern.

Round 2, 75% of max

do the same exercise but lift your hands slightly from your head in the starting position and squeeze your shoulders back even more.

Round 3, 100%

Now you should put in your max effort by pressing your hands, shoulders and elbows as far back as you can in the starting position. Perform the exercise as slowly as you can.

Forward fold, 10-15 reps

  • Forward folds will increase the mobility in your hamstring and your spine
  • Hip wide stance holding your hands along your thighs.
  • Put your chin against your chest and fold forward by rolling your spine, vertebrae by vertebrae, starting from your neck and down to your lumbar back.
  • Try to get as far down as you can and aim towards the floor with your hand

You can do these exercises every day, lubricate your body with movement every day – motion is lotion!

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